There are two main types of articles, i.e. the timely articles and the evergreen articles. As their name imply, timely articles contain information that are time dependent while evergreen articles consist of information that last.

You have both kinds of content under your belt, and they are both equally important. When you watch daily news on TV, you are consuming timely information. The cooking programme later that day provides evergreen content. If you record it, you can watch it again and again without losing its value.

Article marketer needs to think strategically though. While timely information has its own place, you have to think about its lifetime.

If you are guest blogging on other people’s blogs, and if your responsibility is to scour the net for relevant news in the industry and post your commentaries about them, you have no choice but to post content that are really fresh. That’s how you keep the readers coming back for more.

On the other hand, if you are writing for article directories or submit to other sites, evergreen content is obviously more suitable for your articles.

Once you posted your articles to other sites, it can be hard to update it unless the site owners want to do it for you. For article directories, you can edit your articles and resubmit again. However, that is a lot of work. Rewriting timely articles may be worth it, but if you have a lot of articles that may become cumbersome.

I recommend that unless you have a strong reason to do so, keep as much evergreen content as possible in your article repertoire. Sometimes it can be as simple as rephrasing your words.

Rather than saying, “Two years ago during the World Cup,” you should be writing “In 2006, during the World Cup…”

Avoid rewriting if possible by implementing that simple trick above. You articles will be fresh years after you posted it.

Source by Hendry Lee