Article marketing is an effective method for attracting visitors however unless you implement clear strategies it will be like throwing mud at the wall hoping it will stick. Do it correctly and you’ll generate endless streams of traffic.

Top 7 strategies for marketing articles

1. Have a goal

Have you heard the phrase “begin with the end in mind”? This means beginning  with a specific goal then creating an action plan how to get there. For example if   your goal is to add 1000 newsletter subscribers to your list then create a strategy  to write and publish enough articles to make your goal.

I entered an article writing challenge to write and submit 100 articles in 100  days. Normally I wouldn’t do this but after taking on the challenge I find it gets  easier and faster to churn out lots of articles.

Do something similar by setting a goal how many articles you will write each  week then break it down into days. Set a time how long you will write the article  (ie 1 hour). It will help you to focus.

2. Choose a topic you’re passionate about

It’s easier to write on a topic you know a lot about. It will take less time to write  and you’ll never run out of content.

3. Optimize your articles

Include your main keywords in the title, introduction, body and resource box.  Search engines will index your article based on the keywords you use and rank it  accordingly.

4. Proof read your articles

Grammar and spelling mistakes will make your content appear unprofessional and  drive away your readers. Let it sit for a while after you’ve written it then go over  it again. You’ll find mistakes you didn’t see while writing it and also find ways to  improve your sentence structure.

Alternatively give your article to someone else. They will be more objective and  often find errors that you were unaware of.

5. Include anchor text

This is text that is hyperlinked in your resource box. If your main keyword is  “article marketing” make this text live by linking it to your web site address. This  will boost the link popularity of your web site and help it get good rankings.

6. Submit to top article directories

The top article directories get tons of traffic. Submitting your article to them not  only helps it get indexed by the search engines, but receive the traffic these  directories attract.

Don’t just stick with article directories. Add the article to your web site, blog,  social marketing sites,  or use the content to be a guest writer on a high traffic  website.

7. Repurpose your articles

You can attract a larger and different audience by converting your articles into  audio and video. Use audio for webinars and submit your videos to  video sharing  web sites such as YouTube.

Another idea is to bundle several articles into a short report, ecourse or ebook.  Submit the eBook to eBook directories and/or give away a free report so it spreads virally throughout the Net.

Source by Herman Drost