Have you ever gone to the web to look up a search on a subject and found articles? The articles pop up under several different sites. Most of us have had exposure to these article directories without really thinking about it.

Article directories provide lots of good information to millions of web surfers around the world. These directories are also a very useful marketing tool for online business owners. If you are an online entrepreneur, then you should teach yourself the value and importance of article directories.

Here is a quick summary of article writing and submitting. Online businessmen want to market their product and website to as many people as possible. One way to do this is to write articles and submit them to the various article directories online. These articles need to be informative and well written. They can also have links leading to the businessman’s website or online store. Sometimes the articles can even be used to promote products, services, brands, and even companies.

Article directories have become a very valuable tool for the internet marketer. They allow the common internet users to find valuable information that is also more personal than something written like a dictionary or encyclopedia. As an example, if an internet surfer wants to learn about dog training, article directories serve as an online library that they refer to. These articles are written by real people with real experiences and knowledge. As a business marketer, you can write articles about the products or services you sell. You also can put individual links and references to your website in the author’s bio area. This normally will show up at the bottom of each article you write. With thousands of article directory users a day, this becomes a very valuable tool for marketers to promote their sites.

There are many different article directories on the web. Some of the better know ones are: EzineArticles, Go Articles, Article Base, Ask, Yahoo Answers. There are too many to list all of them. Try to Google the words article directory and notate the names on the first page or two. Start out by writing an informative, factual article that will help your business in some way and then submit it to a few of the directories. As you become more familiar with the process you can increase the number of directories you submit to. You might have to change the wording around some as some directories will not let you submit an article that’s already on the web somewhere.

While article directories do benefit the online businessmen and the internet marketers, they are also a valuable source of information for the millions of internet surfers. Article directories give information such as basic facts, how-to articles, critical articles, product and service reviews, and even product information guides. Many of the articles found in these directories are also linked to other websites which can provide more information to internet users. This is a great way to research a subject. So keep in mind while writing your article that your number one priority is providing accurate and valuable information to the reader. Don’t just write something hoping to get people to visit your site. If you provide good content then you will develop good leads for your business.

Source by P Kornmann