Most know about the recent Anna Nicole Smith tragedy- a young, beautiful, woman found dead for no apparent reason. A young life wasted before it was time to quit. Youth, money, power and corruption gone wrong? In honor of her, a movie is being made about her life and should begin as early as next month- to release the movie while people are still upset over the ordeal.

The film is reported to cover Smith’s life from age 17 to her recent death- age 39. It includes the marriage to Howard, a billionaire she married to, and the death of her son as well. Luckily, producers have promised to focus on the ‘positive’ things about her life- not all the rumors, gossip, or ‘trash’. It already sounds a gripping watch and can be expected to keep viewers glued to the twists and turns of her curtailed existence.

The movie is possibly scheduled for release on television- a decision not decided just yet. No doubt there will be considerations of licenses, compensations and payments – rather as in the whirlwind days after her death. Money talks.

The casting call is currently open, with an emphasis on finding the right Anna Nicole- which the winner will have to agree to ‘partial nudity’ in certain scenes.

Apparently, the company responsible for the movie was already making it- it just happens that after her death they stepped up production a great deal. The last 2 years plans have been made for such an eventual release, but with her late death it will now be “kicked into gear” as Nasser, the producer noted.

Source by Dr. Mark Clayson