Have you ever received this message in Google AdWords? Are you having this issue right now?

This message is the equivalent of having your ads shut off. The bad news is Google has rated your landing page as low quality, and is refusing to display your ads. You won’t get impressions for any of your ads when you have this message.

The mantra of Google AdWords is relevancy. Your Keyword Phrase, Ad and Landing Page must all be relevant to achieve a good quality score. If you get a low quality score, your ad becomes disabled.

So what do you do to fix it? How do you improve relevancy? There are a couple of steps you can take.

First, take all the keywords you are interested in running ads for, and place them in unique AdGroups. That means one AdGroup per Keyword. If you have too many keywords, you may want to start with only your top performing keywords.

Next, write a unique ad for each keyword. You want the headline of the ad to be the exact keyword. The content in description lines 1 and 2 can be the same. But each headline needs to be the exact keyword. This makes ad unique to the keyword. AdWords will recognize the keyword in the ad, and that makes the ad relevant to the keyword. Plus the consumer is likely to click on the ad if the headline matches their search.

While you are creating the ad, also put the keyword in the display url. The display url must have the same domain as the destination url, but beyond you can do what you like. For example, try a display url of MyDomain.com/my-keyword-phrase. You get the keyword in the ad twice, boosting relevancy.

Finally, create a custom landing page for each keyword. You need the keyword in the following places on your landing page.

o  The url if possible

o  The page title

o  The meta tags for keywords and description

o  The tags on the page

o  The content, with 2% to 5% density

Doing so makes the landing page relevant to the keyword. In the end, you’ll have relevant keyword, Ad and Landing Page and you so can say goodbye to the message “Ads Rarely Show Due To Low Quality Score”.

You should be aware that a major component of quality score is the CTR. Google basically says a good ad will thrive (get a good CTR) because humans reading the ad will be compelled to click on it, therefore it is relevant. A CTR of less than 1 percent could be contributing to a low quality score. A CTR of at least 2 percent is desirable.

However, relevancy is likely a bigger factor in your quality score issue. If your campaign is new, you won’t have enough impressions to create a meaningful CTR. Even if it is older and has many impressions, you can benefit from better relevancy.

Source by Daniel K. Smith