Star Wars is hands down (for me that is) the best ever sci-fi space exploration film series to come out of Hollywood. But hey, that’s just me. Sure there are other would be pretenders out there of the same genre, albeit of different plots like Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek (which has its own crazed followers by the way), Buck Rogers and Battestar Galactica, but Star Wars is arguably the king of science fiction/space exploration genre.

But unlike any other movie series, Star Wars was able to capture the imagination of the viewers with its futuristic and needless to say out of this world setting which was done in utterly good taste and flamboyance. Everybody was caught daydreaming about intergalactic and interplanetary travel at the speed of light and wondering if there are really other life forms out there that look like Yoda or Jar Jar Binks.

Many of us love rooting for the underdogs and in this movie series, we all know that the Jedi Order and the Rebel Alliance were the ultimate underdogs against the massive Empire ruled by the Dark Lord Emperor Sidious- a Jedi consumed and turned over by his dark side. He was also disguised as Senator Palpatine in the prequel series before he showed his true color (which is simply black in this case) in Episode 3- Revenge of the Sith.

But what is the real plot of the movie series anyway? Put aside for one moment the images of gigantic flying fortresses, futuristic laser cannons, mind-altering Jedi knights and a vast array of weird looking creatures (Ewoks, anyone?) and think about the series as a whole.

When viewed from a different perspective, the movie follows a plotline which depicts the current political situation of this world (which is called Earth by the way, not Naboo nor Tatooine). From the outside looking in, one can compare several aspects of the movie to what we currently experience in the real world we live and breathe in.

Take the Galactic Republic for example; it is made up of all the planetary representatives of the galaxy which is much like the United Nations, minus the planets of course. Then there are these characters called “Senators” who are like the committees of the U.N. and last but not the least, the “Republic Chancellor” elected by the body which is symbolic of the U.N. Secretary General.

Next is the Jedi Order- a handful of warriors with mystical powers. They claim to be on the neutral side of everything, much like Switzerland is a neutral country. They abide and live by “The Force” which is a mystical energy that gives the Jedi the source of their unnatural talent to maintain the natural order of things, whatever that is.

Autonomous as they may seem to be but they too have internal factions (Dark Side) and really don’t have any concrete alliances other than their service to the Senate. The Jedis are much more royalists than anything else- pompous and arrogant, like Anakin for example. But considering that these characters have the ability to manipulate anything just by using their minds, one should give them that distinction and get out of the way.

Like any other countries with a certain form of government, there will always be rebellious groups that would show discontent over the way things are run. Call them party poopers if you will for they are akin to the Rebel Alliance in the Star Wars saga. When maintaining peace and order is of the utmost importance, these groups come out to spoil the process.

Through the leadership of Princess Leia Organa (the female twin of Jedi hero Luke Skywalker) and the support of a ragtag crew of misfits namely: Captain Hans Solo, the hairy ape-like Chewbacca and metalhead droids R2D2 and C3PO; the Alliance were successful in creating anarchy throughout the galaxy in their bid to end the reign of Dark Lord Sidious and the Empire.

While the Empire was trying to maintain order and control over the galaxy through Meritocracy- a system of governance different from the dysfunctional democracy of the Republic; the Alliance saw this as an evil form of imperialism and decides to hold an uprising.

Although they were victorious in defeating the Empire in the final offering of the Star Wars saga (Return of the Jedi), one simply couldn’t help but wonder: what has become of George Lucas’ beloved heroes?

Well, to start with they simply were a band of punks not knowing that their defiant actions would curtail the Empire’s plan of order and balance in the universe- one of which was to simply replace a dysfunctional system of government (Republic) to install Imperialism so that all the planetary leaders will be held in check and accountable for their actions under one ruler- the Emperor.

The objective was not to dominate the entire galaxy but to organize everything and fear was their system of choice to keep everyone in line. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the other side that their actual intent, which is to instill order in the galaxy, was not met with much enthusiasm.

(By saying this I know that it will bring about a mixed set of reactions from the readers but let’s save the discussion for some other time…)

Case in point, as Darth Vader was about to finish off Luke Skywalker in their final battle, he still offered his hand and pleaded to his son by saying; “Join me and I will complete your training… We can end this destructive conflict and bring order to the galaxy.”

This statement only proves that the “dark side” is not as evil as portrayed in the film series. In the real world, what kind of father would ever think of inflicting harm to his own flesh and blood?

As for the method of control by the Empire, none of this is to say that they aren’t brutal for which they really are. Absence of good makes the dark side of “The Force” grow stronger in which case the Siths have developed it in order to reign supreme. It’s a good thing that none of this is applicable to the real world in which we live in!

But Jedis Knights and Sith Lords aside, there is no better feature in this fictional series/franchise than their lightsabers- cute cylindrical swords with blades much like neon-colored lights primarily used by Jedis and Siths in combat. Take your pick: green, red, blue or pink. But there are whispers within the Death Star walls that Darth Maul’s double-bladed lightsaber is now a limited collector’s edition. (For those who have forgotten what a Death Star is, they are moon-like space stations built for one purpose and that is for planetary annihilation)

Therefore, this is how the Star Wars saga has ended. No one is sure what the Alliance has planned, if they ever have one, for an administrative policy after the Imperial rule. Logic tells me that there will be a free-for-all chaos now that all the planetary leaders are held responsible to nobody in particular. Here’s hoping that the Jedi Order will keep the natural order of things intact.

(Yes, this writer is still affected by the outcome of the story but make no silly mistake for I still root for the underdogs no matter how arcane their intentions might be)

So, whatever side you take on, may the force be with you…

Source by Christopher Banaag