If you’re in charge of inbound marketing for your business, you know the definition of “overwhelming”. In order to continually engage potential leads, you run yourself ragged updating landing pages, sending out email marketing messages, writing eBooks, “SEO’ing” your existing content, and more. With all these responsibilities on your plate, it’s imperative that you are efficient at your job. Here are 7 quick and easy ways you can improve your marketing strategy in little to no time.

Link To Internal Content/Offers – When you’re busy creating new content, don’t forget that internal linking is not only a huge SEO strategy, but it’s also a way to take advantage of an interested lead. If your lead is reading an article that they find intriguing, and you have other content that’s relevant or you have an offer that’s relevant, link to it! For example, if you have a blog post about “Facebook SEO Strategies” and you happened to have written an eBook about that same topic, highlight the words “Facebook SEO” in your blog post and link to your eBook. Just be sure not to mislead your reader by linking to something that’s not relevant at all. It establishes a “spammy” appearance and can create a feeling of distrust.

Get Interactive – Being social is just a part of business, and any good inbound marketer will have several social platforms to keep up with, whether it’s Facebook, a blog, Twitter, a forum, etc. Take a minute out of your day to respond to comments left on these platforms. The whole point of having a social platform is to promote a feeling of interactivity between the customers/fans and the business.

Call-To-Action – It’s amazing how often a call-to-action is left off of content. You should literally have on one each and every piece of content you put out. Go through your existing content and make sure you have some sort call-to-action. If you don’t, add one. It can be something as simple as “opt-in to our newsletter to receive special discounts” or “click here to get your free eBook”.

Reword Your Content – This is especially true for blogs and or page titles. Any good SEO firm will tell you that your meta titles are not only extremely important for indexing, but they are also important for traffic. You can’t get leads without traffic, and you can’t get traffic if your blog posts or page titles are boring. Take a minute to go through a couple pages/blog posts to make sure the titles are enticing.

Share – You’ve got all this great information to give people, so share it! If you’re a marketer and you’re not sharing your content via social networks and other outlets (i.e. press releases), well… it’s time for a new job.

Button Up – Make sure your call-to-action buttons are not boring. Do they need a little more life? Studies have shown less people click on buttons that are titled “Submit” than any other button. If you have “Submit” buttons, change them to something more relevant or more exciting. Make sure it’s something that seems noncommittal; otherwise people will be less likely to click on it. For example, “Submit” seems official, whereas “Get Your Discounts Now” does not.

Get Bold– Go through any landing pages or sales pages (including your website’s home page) to see if it passes the blink test. What’s the blink test? A lead should be able to look at your website and within the amount of time it takes them to blink; they should be able to get the gist of what your site offers and whether it’s relevant to them. Go through and bold or italicize words/phrases that can sum up your business’ offer and value quickly.

Source by Scott Jay Ringle