There’s no doubt that Facebook is a powerhouse. It has over 750 million active users, and that’s rapidly expanding every second every day. With Facebook going up against Google as far as search engine capabilities, you’ll no doubt see that very soon, if not already, Facebook members are looking to their friends’ patterns for purchasing decisions. If you’re not already on Facebook, you’re missing the boat. It’s time to set up a Page!

But setting up a Page is not the only step in the process, however, in order to have an effective Facebook marketing campaign. Aside from the fact that you need to get your “followers” or “likers” in the first place, you must then learn how to continually interact and provide value to the little community you’ve built, as well as attract new friends. Below are some tips to help you navigate through Facebook Page marketing.

Ask Questions

Social Media is all about interaction. You’ll need to engage your fans, not just promote, promote, promote. You can be creative with the questions too! Don’t just ask questions that are a means to an end for your business. This isn’t a customer satisfaction survey we’re doing here, it’s trying to strike up a conversation with your real life fans.

Opt For Manual Over Automation

Because Social Media can take a while, automation has become popular. You now have the ability to automatically post your Twitter feed, Blog feed, as well as other peoples’ feeds. Your fans will know you’re automating and it can seem impersonal and like “spam”. Try to put up as much real and engaging content as possible.

Don’t Be A Promoter

While your “friends” may be there because of your company, they certainly don’t want to hang out at the party and get “sold” all evening. Don’t make every post about you and your business. Provide value. For every 4 posts you put up, make 3 of them content that your readers may find interesting or valuable.

Get Testimonials And Feedback

What better place to get feedback? You can ask people for positive experiences within your company and you can even put up teasers for new products to see what people think. There’s tons of marketing information to be extracted from your “likers”, but do it strategically and without over-promoting.

Be Personable

Don’t sound like a stuffy corporate machine! We’re there to be social, so let’s be social! Have a sense of humor, make a joke, and show emotion. That’s what people want to see when they interact with companies nowadays.

Mix It Up

Don’t always post the same types of comments, the same links, etc. Try putting up videos, photos, surveys, polls, links to other articles that deal with your industry, online contesting, and more. Get creative!

Source by Scott Jay Ringle